Sunday, December 6, 2009


Time wont be waiting for you, and it pass so fast then you can't even have time to be able to take a glance on what have or had happened.

Things getting much more tougher and tougher recently, putting myself in troubles, getting myself out from those troubles and causing havoc on people's life, messing up stuff, fixing up people's stuff, seeing people getting upset, seeing people getting crazier after a while... Things are making me much more and more numb, letting me into another kind of life that is like building up some serious immune system on the things happening around me. This have the advantage and might as well have the disadvantage of it.

It's been fun recently, but after fun, things still remain the same, nothing big change... I'm pretty sure you really got my heart that night, and I know you aren't reading my blog anyway and just wanted to leave down some track of sweetness and just wanted to keep that night in my mind forever..

Timing isn't right? No one can tells since I aren't there first, and I can't stop and change anything. Just hope that a hug will express all my feelings deep inside me to you...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
















何必呢? 很多东西已经不同了,等待只为安慰那受伤的心,等待下去,爱下去也是一样,一场空。。。有些人是永远永远也不必也不能等的。。。

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It's been another, going out to red box for singing and doing crazy stuff.

Arthur brought us to a shop around pudu to enjoy some extremely nice sup kambing! You can't imagine how nice is it, but don't eat too much of it because I can confirm you a dead after eating a lot of it... I have some serious headache after having a bow of it!!

We went to greenbox for some singing session today as well, took us around 6 hours in there for just 40 bucks! cheap like crap man!!

Anyway, today I finally found out something, nasty people's are all around Malaysia. When there is an accident occurs, MALAYSIAN will just slow down their darn vehicles and have a nice scene on what the hack is going on there! And this make the freaking highway jam like crap, they just slow down their car like there is no body's business!!! Malaysia culture huh? Taking down car plate number for 4D? If it will be so easy, I might as well be a reporter, I can have a list of car crash number plate if you want something bloody, I can as well get some bloody car accident with lots of dead bodies and I'll buy all of them, and I'll become damn rich am I? Is this possible? Use your brain and think about it... dumb...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pulau Ketam

Today, 911... hoho.. it has been 8 years since WTC being boomed... Anyway, I had been to a trip with my college mates to Pulau Ketam aka Crap/Crab Island...

These trip was organised due to our photography class. I happily charged my camera, and bring my camera to take a lot of nice photo during this trip. It was fun though, having sun burn all over my body, and blowing some fresh air and looking at some dirty sea, drinking beer early in the morning.. haha! That really chill me alot, and the most happiest things during this trip is, I took a lot of very nice photo. Photo are easy to be taken, but to take a nice photo, it mostly depends on your luck to have a nice catch. So Taking a nice photo isn't as easy as you think it will be :)

Have a great lunch as well, eating crabs, lala, something so call URINE PRAWN :p it cost me a lot, but it was really nice, and as well, I knew even more of my college's mate ~~

But the worst part was here... I discover my dslr aren't able to read the picture I have took, in fact, this occurs sometimes. When I reached home, Oh YEAH!!!

I TRIED IT OUT FOR FEW TIMES... BUT... I CAN'T RETRIEVE MY PICTURE!! ALL PICTURE THAT I HAD BEEN SPENDING MY TIME WITH THE WHOLE DAY HAVE ALL GONE!!! Crank that!!! I lost all of my picture, and I have no idea it is the fault of the memory card or my camera!!! Anyway.. I am going to sell my baby out.. and let me tell you.. I WONT GONNA MISS YOU SOB... OR SOF... BECAUSE YOU MAKE ME LOST ALL OF MY PRECIOUS ASSIGNMENT!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2 sep 2009

Kind of addicted to cooking for myself recently, can save some money and it is a bit healthy also comparing eating out there.. anyone want me to cook for you? who interested plz call me.. lol

sorry guys.. lack of things to post recently

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

19 August 2009

I have been isolating myself for 3 days, and there is 2 more days to go... The boring is going to bring me wild! Guys! I want party!! Bring me out fast...

2 more days to go...
Hope that i'll be fine soon.. wahahahaha

Sunday, August 16, 2009


To update you guys, I have been admitted to the hospital just now, with Arthur, Joseph and Kenneth. Kenneth and I were sick however that 2 aren't. After almost 4 hours of waiting, finally it is my turn... And guess what??


Gonna stay at home for a week and hope that nothing big happened to me.. Please pray for me guys... the side effect of the medicine will be horrible... hope that i can overcome it.

Anyway, who wanna have a holiday can come and look for me, I'll give you a free kiss.. I am having a deadly weapon on me now! wakakaka


I am in Kenneth's house now, going to hospital for check up later..

I am having fever, headache, flue, muscle pain, cough and others.... These are the symptoms of h1n1, please pray that I am ok.. I don't wanna die so fast man...

Monday, August 10, 2009


it is 4.30am now... and i can't even manage to sleep... I'll try not to use any foul language in this post.. I'll try....

I am still in the shocked, haven't recover yet... Being to a place, seeing things... that is enough to make me go numb for weeks i guess...

Memories are still fresh, Remembering how is the reaction... how is my heart beating, how is my hand shaking, how the tears drop and how i scream like crazy on the highway... I'm out of control again...

I can't manage to smile at all... My face's muscle are like so tense, and finding out myself are like a jerk. Going there showing people a funny show... oh yeah.. I am here, laugh at my foolishness baby! Son of the FISH!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hari Keluar

Hari ini keluar dengan Nixon dan Joseph lagi, aiyo... Banyak bosan lah, setiap hari di rumah tak tahu mahu buat apa, jadi kami terpaksa pergi menonton wayang. Pergi IOI menonton G.I.Joe.

Hari ini baru kemas bilik saya, banyak kotor bilik saya dan kemaskan bilik ku buat ku amuk... dan ho.. dan ho.... PKM!!!!!

Fish that Fishy Farting Malay.... Trying to use malay to write for my blog, and eventually found out that my bm is getting darn worst... Crap! Have to improve my BM, if not will become like Jessica(dunno bm at all)... LOL... Forgive me jess... haha!

Anyway... I'm broke again~~ wakakaka! oh yeah, I did enjoyed my cell group last night, Thanks Danny Boy for giving me your PHYSICAL time so that I/We can spend our sweet sweet time with you... TRAINING...

From last night, I somehow found out that I am very materialistic, I used and I loved to buy branded stuff... I can't accept that I aren't wearing branded stuff.. This is how satan control us.. because when we are going for branded, we need more money, so we will find our way to earn much more money... Share to you guys later on... Nixon will be here within 10 minutes.. ciao!

Take care! HUGZ

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Weekend always pass so fast, it never got a chance for me to press on my brake pedal. The time is pushing me to my limit, pushing my leg to hold the accelerator to the maximum.

Asking you guys a question... is it once a playboy, forever playboy??

Give me back my WEEKEND!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Divide

Recently loving a song my Linkin Park which name New Divide. I know that this song has been sometime back, but now then i saw how the lyrics go.. haha!

Here is the part that I like...

I remembered black skies, the lightning all around me
I remembered each flash as time began to blur
Like a startling sign that fate had finally found me
And your voice was all I heard that I get what I deserve

So give me reason to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean
Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes
Give me reason to fill this hole, connect the space between
Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies across this new divide

When i read through the lyrics, it let me got a feeling that when I am in a lot of trouble, Someone just come to my side... Telling me what is my destination, what should i do, God speaks to me through Father Anthon...

Sometimes human's thinking are complicated, human always things for so call rubbished too much, and in this tempted world, everyone's mind is polluted. I am doing things very very wrong, going into very serious trouble for the past of my life. I know that, and some of you reading my blog know that as well.

Even though I always put myself into serious trouble, doing a lot of things you guys dun want to think about it. Last time, I am not a shame, or even dun give a care on what I did. But recently, what touched my heart is... I know when I am doing so many "shitty" things and people start to hate me, piss off with me or even don't bother me. There is still someone who loves me...

I was so touched, I know God is always with me... He care about me, and he love me... He didn't look at my past, he knows what is in my heart... He knows my hurt, he knows my burden, he knows my everything more then anyone do.

Once I was lost, I was so lost till I have no idea what for doing here. Studying? Or just wasting up my parent's money going club, drinking, smoking and doing lots of stuff...

Now I know, I am here to equip myself. Equip up myself so that I can face more trouble and I still can stand firm! Since I have know what is my calling, I will just go on with it, my family support my decision and I have nothing to worry about, I just want to obey God's calling. God has his plan on me, from last time till now, and I truly believe this!

Starting from changing my habit, start with smoking! Totally quit on August! Pray for me!! AMEN!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Just found out the withdrawal symptoms of Nicotine:

1) Dysphoria or depressed mood (sometimes)
2) Insomnia (oh yeah... I can't sleep!)
3) Irritability, frustration or anger (sometimes)
4) Anxiety (sure)
5) Difficulty concentrating (this is what I facing now)
6) Restlessness (this is what I facing now)
7) Decreased heart rate
8) Increased appetite or weight gain (I am...)


So to those that are still smoking out there, smoking really will kill you, it not only harm yourself, giving a chance for you to have lung cancer, and it also kill your love one slowly, for the sack of the people you love and the people that love you, quit smoking...

I am quiting, will completely stop it on August, I can't do it myself, I can only seek help from Jesus, pray for me that I can overcome all of those withdrawal symptoms...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

just to update...

Have been receiving a lot this few days, and there is my plan here, change myself to become a better person, do great things and shake malaysia. I made a decision, to work for God after I graduate in my college, I believe what i study will help me a lot. But sometimes it is a bit suffering when I study because a lot of things i study will crash on my believes.

Anyway, what i want to do is to handle my life to God, eventhough there are a lot and a lot of problem, I believe God put problems in my life is to give chances for me to grow up, mentally and spiritually. I really can't do anything by myself, there is only one people can help and save me... Is Jesus, I have been experiencing a lot recently. When I called out for help to him, helps are there, just very near to me.

I already have my own target, Not HER... is about what I have to do in my life..

Put HER down 1st, now i just want to change my own attitude, and I gonna do great things for you Jesus. Saying is easy, but doing it out is hard, I understand this, Everyone reading my blog, please do pray for me.

Now I just want to walk with Jesus, that is all I want to do, God have his plan on me, and I know what I should do...

Let's bring revolution to Malaysia, and the REVOLUTION STARTS WITH ME!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Steamboat night

Just finish my steamboat with Daniel, Kenneth, Ah kit and some friends... Worst part in tonight's steamboat is that the food isn't that nice, and i finally found out that i can't eat much already, eating a bit also full already :(

Daniel, he is another one, at the beginning , we said that we are going to eat at mentari, who knows he suddenly call me and told me that to meet up at Asia Cafe and we are eating at Summer Steamboat. I was wondering, is there any steamboat in SS15?? Then me, ah kit and his brother took a cab and went to ss15, on our way... Then daniel told us that they are at Mentari... He ask us why go there!?

He thought that Ah kit's cc is call Asia Cafe!!! Waloehhh.. This is the greatest joke man.. then we took the cab, go for a big round from mentari to SS15 then went back to mentari again!! Daniel, nice one!!

And we also meet Jessey and her girl friends there.. haha! Surprise Jessey... hoho

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who made us?

Every product got it's own logo, people making products and sure will put their brand on it proving that the products are made by them...

So do us.. We got a logo in our body... Check this video clip out and you will know what I am talking about...

Praise the lord..

Friday, July 17, 2009

Terrible nite

Been to a terrible place, having a terrible nights with some horrible stuff and torturing seeing, and some ugly image around my sight...
And had been drinking some vomiting drinks making myself extremely sick and seeing lots of unwanted to see HUMAN BEING....

In spoil my beginning of my nice weekend, make my mood drop into the drain... Just like vomiting shit...


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Assignment assignment

There are two assignment to due this week and I haven't start doing anyone of them!! One of them I have to hand it up tomorrow and still I am not in the mood to do it due the tiredness and my damn stupid stomach... I have been running to washroom non stop since 11pm.

Kenneth, nice one ah.. Full of shit.. yeah.. I am really full of shit right now, full with shit in my stomach and full with shit in my shitty assignment... Totally full of shit.. and I am enjoying my own shit right now!!

Thanks Joshua for the meal tonite~ hugs hugs...

Anyway, semester ending soon and I am having another one month holiday, plans that I had made till today are:

1)Get my own car
2)Study hard
3)Enjoy my holiday
4)Grap some nice shirt and shoes!!
5)Build up relationship with GOD

And now.. I off to toilet and BOMB AGAIN!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


By feeling, I wrote this, planning to put in music and make it out asap...
anyone wanna help?







是那么的宁静 是那么的孤单

我爱的女孩 你懂我心

我不曾放手 也不曾放弃

只因我爱你 决不言放弃



我爱的女孩 你可好吗?

选择的反手 是为了看到你的笑

如果我的存在 让你痛苦

如果我的关心 让你烦恼











我爱的女孩 你懂我心

我不曾放手 也不曾放弃

只因我爱你 决不言放弃



我爱的女孩 你可好吗?

选择的反手 是为了看到你的笑

如果我的存在 让你痛苦

如果我的关心 让你烦恼



我爱的女孩 我最爱的女孩




Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3rd day

Addiction still undercontrol, not yet die!! oh yeah~~ Today was seriously a tiring day, my alarm and joseph's alarm have been ringing for an hour till the moment i wake up, then we woke up and went to mamak for our breakfast... yeah.. both type of breakfast LOL. FYI, Joseph was being coned by the mamak today.. haha!

I went to fix my teeth and my doctor said that I could take my bracers of in 2 months time~ yeah! Miss my white teeth without steel!! But before that I have to bleach it since taking to much substance that will stain on my teeth :(

Send my phone to ss 15 as well, but that guy give it back to me, telling me to go to service centre in Low yat my own, because sending there my own will be much more quicker then the shop sending it.. Crap isn't it? Whatever, I just want my phone to be fix as soon as possible.

Add on, my computer space is running out... 500Gb have been full for few months and I don't even have anymore space to put my stuff, gonna get another 600++gb harddisk or a 1Tb hard disk this few days, I can't stand it already... Anyway, who wanna sponcer me Cooler Master casing? and also Razor mouse and keyboard?? lol

This are my unentertaint request in facebook.. it is making me crazy... so disturbing wei... Come on guys.. don't simply add unknown in your facebook.. at least adding someone you know or you see before...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2nd day

Mission failed today, I took 5 today... too bad too bad... Not because beh tahan, is because nothing to do :(

Anway, I have finally done my presentation today. I only found out that I looked for the wrong research paper today and my lecturer give me a day to redo it. Well, I prepared my whole presentation in a night.

During my class, I found out that most of my course mate do it so details and my slide and stuff i prepared is so freaking simple and little... I totally freak myself off and run here and there all the class and was trying to add stuff in it to hope that it will look more nice.

I failed to do that because I don't really understand what my research paper is about!!!

At last, it was my turn, I pull my laptop up and present it quickly. As quickly as possible and craps a lot of stuff, I don't even understand what the hack I am talking!!

After my presentation, I quickly get out of the class and go walk around to cool myself down, I thought I could be screwing up my presentation again, since i screwed up my mid-term exam.. I got 8 out of 30... Deep shit...

When i reenter my class, everyone left except my lecturer. She told me that i had done a great job, she gave me a 10!!! WOW!! Praise the lord!! I was so shocked and happy that time! Seriously didn't expected this!!

She liked my presentation, she told me that it is short and straight to the point and this is only called a presentation!!

I gonna do better next time, with god giving me wisdom , I believed I'll be much more better.

updating you guys, I am going around kl to find bookstore with books about a serial killer name Ted Bundy, who is interested to join me, just give me a call~~ ciaozzzz

Monday, July 6, 2009

1st day

Today is the 1st day I stop smoking. Starting from this early morning, I can't even wake up from my bed, and the whole day is totally lack of energy... I look like a zombie now!! GOSH!!

Whole brain is thinking of the feelinng when inhaling nicoutine, oh gosh... It is seriously killing me. Anyway, who want to replace me to go to club? Friends invite me to go to club on tuesday and friday, I don't really want to go since going there is just about drinking, and smoking... I made my decision not to drink and smoke but then there are so so so many temptation ha...

Die hard day 1... Will update what is my situation everyday... Hope I wont die, worst then drug addicts... This is what will happened if you take 1 big pack of dunhill king size in a day and this maintain for a month or two... then you decided to quit it and it will really DRAG YOU TO HELL!!!

Kissssss meeeeee orrrrr killllll meeeeeeee.........

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Life is all about making decision, a decision you make will either bring you to an extreme or another extreme... This just happened to me

Few days back, you can see my mood swings so great that you can't believe that it is me standing in front of you, yeah... some problem happens for sure.

That day when I am half drunk, I made a decision to fall into a bad side, I called lots of my friends non stop looking for drugs, such as cocaine, so called "powder", pills, morphine and stuff just to take myself away from reality hope that it will lesser the pain. When I am making these phone calls. A very important person in my heart smsed me, seriously I didn't expected that person will sms me.

That friend of mine give me a verse mathew17:20

Matthew 17:20 (King James Version)

20And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

God spokes to me through there friend. I know god don't want me to fall back to those life, if god didnt' touch her for sending me this verse at that time, or if she simply send some funny sms... You can see that I am taking drugs right now...

I made my own decision, why choosed to fall? I will strengthen up myself, and be tough. There isn't anymore time and reason for me to be emo and down. I will put down all of my habits and stuffs to become a better man. To honor god's name and to praise him, and to do big things for him!!!

God saved me once again, this is undeniable.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

22-23 june

22 night... Me, Joseph, Mr X and few of my friends go out for dinner... and guess what? Mr X suddenly get high and ask all of us go to club with him! It has been so long i didn't went to any club or pub!!

We spend our night at there till about 12 and it was really really so fun... just few friends drinking there.. wuh~~ this is life~~ wakakaka... who wanna join us next time?? Just tell me.. hoho!

And within this week, I watched 2 movies that i classify it as the worst and the best movie in year 2009. The worst movie goes to Wolfhound, I seriously piss off by this movie because that is a total failure!!!!!! Rubbish movie!!! Don't and please don't waste any money to watch it!!! NEVER!!

However, the best movies go to Transformer~~~~ cool!!!! By the way, is Megan Fox a man? Anyone heard news like that??

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My n82 had officially broke down, 2 speaker had been out of service last night, gonna send it to fix or get a new phone... oh gosh... I can't imagine how is it without phone with me... This is horrible!!!

By the way, I accepted Daniel's challange, ask me if you wanna know what is that challange... Have to get rid of 2 type of drugs in the same moment and that is extremly suffering, so don't expect to see me normal for a month... haha... because the process last for a months... keep me in you guys prayer so that i can stand firm :)

intro a nice song for you guys... view the youtube down there :P

Monday, June 15, 2009

Shocking night

Just went out for super with Joseph and at the moment we open the lift's door... I saw a chick walking out...(wow... look nice) then when i notice her, she was totally drunk, she can't even walk well...

Then we decided to wait her till she reach home first and I am wondering if she could found her house.. haha! Eventually, she stopped and look for her key.. but she failed to do that and she sat down there... Then we go near to approach her(in a good way) she was so blur so blur that time and we can even smell the alcohol from her body! Then we ask her where is her house and stuff, and we found out she is a China girl and she ask her where we wanna bring her to go... and she insist wanna go out and drink with us... We was totally in a shocked man!!

Then i opened her house door with her key and send her home... What the hack man! she is alone and those guys or whoever who send her home doesn't even bother her safety and let a girl go home like that! Screw that guy for this... Bustard!!

Anyway, story ends... and I have some words for guys and girls

Guys-- Don't even let a girl walk home alone or just leave her somewhere else and ask her go home alone, even if she isn't drunk, being a guy you should be resposible to send a girl till the door and know that she is home SAFELY!!! I never go unless I saw the girl go into her house door! This is me!

Girls-- Please, don't drink till unconcious... It is very dangerous out there, eventhough you are with your friends doesn't mean you are safe to do like this k!? You wont know what people will do to you!! Please love yourself!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quiting stuff and changing life

I made my decision, totally quit my smoking, bad habits and lot of stuff, to become someone new....

I dun want to be like the old same me... Want to see miracles happen in Malaysia, but I have to equip myself so that we can make miracles happen here.. did i spell miracles wrongly? LOL

But before equipping myself and ready myself for god... I have to get rid of all of my bad habits and sin first... Pray for me guys..

Last one in my life... Never touch it anymore... finish on 9.45pm 13 june 2009

My used to be energy pack...

update for update only

Gonna change my way in writing my blog... update you guys soon, lack out of time to blog recently..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ah Lai

Ah lai is a friend of mine since I was young, young means just borned.. yeah.. It has been 21 years beeing friend with this bustard, dunno should be happy or sad with that, right!? AH LAI!

Seriously speaking, he is really a funny guy when you mix with him but he can be furious and crazy if you triggle his alarm too :) So just beware when be with him.. haha! He is also the one to influence me to become one of the craziest driver in my hometown... You can't imagine how we drive unless you sit in our car.. who wanna try then just find a chance lend me your car... And I'll let your soul get out of your body and go out of the car for sometimes then come back into your bloody scared body.. LOL

This friend of mind followed me back to kl for looking at his college, he seems to be studying in TOC. But actually, he haven't gone to his college yet and he will be leaving in few hours time, mean I have to rush to bring him to his college before he went back!

Normally bringing friends to here is an easy job, because just to bring them shopping and walk around, but Ah Lai is a very unique guy, he do not like shopping, he just wanted to see modals, chicks, arcade, and toys... haha... Well, not easy to bring him to the place he like and he was keep on complaining it is damn damn damn damn bored here.. :P

Ah lai.. you really really used up all my money! You even make me totally lost my voice! DING AH!! Well.. i just found out the there are middle fingers all around the picture.. you few bustard...

This fat guys is ah siao... well, he is really siao :X

Ah lai dare me to wear like this.. who knows he didn't do any special dressing.. ding

Yum chat at pyramid, here comes the middle finger

Ah lai

His toys!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Days in Sandakan 2

It really took me days for updating blog :(
An early morning, I went around my hometown to took some picture to share.. haha! lazy type so much, so just view picture ya

My car

My house

One of the market in my hometown

This is some view infront of my old house :)

then i move to the main market in my hometown, can see sea from there.. haha

Damn lazy to write.. sorry guys.. then 2nd day.. we went to Sukau with my family.. haha!

My nephew crying

My brother

I took this with 70-200, f:2.8
My sister

Sleeping monkey

That night when i reached home, I directly date few of my friends go play car around.. pictures again.. I seriously damn lazy to type

Ah lai and Sunat's car, ALL HID lamp
My cars...


I saw this on my way back :( damn sad seeing it