Sunday, December 6, 2009


Time wont be waiting for you, and it pass so fast then you can't even have time to be able to take a glance on what have or had happened.

Things getting much more tougher and tougher recently, putting myself in troubles, getting myself out from those troubles and causing havoc on people's life, messing up stuff, fixing up people's stuff, seeing people getting upset, seeing people getting crazier after a while... Things are making me much more and more numb, letting me into another kind of life that is like building up some serious immune system on the things happening around me. This have the advantage and might as well have the disadvantage of it.

It's been fun recently, but after fun, things still remain the same, nothing big change... I'm pretty sure you really got my heart that night, and I know you aren't reading my blog anyway and just wanted to leave down some track of sweetness and just wanted to keep that night in my mind forever..

Timing isn't right? No one can tells since I aren't there first, and I can't stop and change anything. Just hope that a hug will express all my feelings deep inside me to you...