Tuesday, June 23, 2009

22-23 june

22 night... Me, Joseph, Mr X and few of my friends go out for dinner... and guess what? Mr X suddenly get high and ask all of us go to club with him! It has been so long i didn't went to any club or pub!!

We spend our night at there till about 12 and it was really really so fun... just few friends drinking there.. wuh~~ this is life~~ wakakaka... who wanna join us next time?? Just tell me.. hoho!

And within this week, I watched 2 movies that i classify it as the worst and the best movie in year 2009. The worst movie goes to Wolfhound, I seriously piss off by this movie because that is a total failure!!!!!! Rubbish movie!!! Don't and please don't waste any money to watch it!!! NEVER!!

However, the best movies go to Transformer~~~~ cool!!!! By the way, is Megan Fox a man? Anyone heard news like that??

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My n82 had officially broke down, 2 speaker had been out of service last night, gonna send it to fix or get a new phone... oh gosh... I can't imagine how is it without phone with me... This is horrible!!!

By the way, I accepted Daniel's challange, ask me if you wanna know what is that challange... Have to get rid of 2 type of drugs in the same moment and that is extremly suffering, so don't expect to see me normal for a month... haha... because the process last for a months... keep me in you guys prayer so that i can stand firm :)

intro a nice song for you guys... view the youtube down there :P

Monday, June 15, 2009

Shocking night

Just went out for super with Joseph and at the moment we open the lift's door... I saw a chick walking out...(wow... look nice) then when i notice her, she was totally drunk, she can't even walk well...

Then we decided to wait her till she reach home first and I am wondering if she could found her house.. haha! Eventually, she stopped and look for her key.. but she failed to do that and she sat down there... Then we go near to approach her(in a good way) she was so blur so blur that time and we can even smell the alcohol from her body! Then we ask her where is her house and stuff, and we found out she is a China girl and she ask her where we wanna bring her to go... and she insist wanna go out and drink with us... We was totally in a shocked man!!

Then i opened her house door with her key and send her home... What the hack man! she is alone and those guys or whoever who send her home doesn't even bother her safety and let a girl go home like that! Screw that guy for this... Bustard!!

Anyway, story ends... and I have some words for guys and girls

Guys-- Don't even let a girl walk home alone or just leave her somewhere else and ask her go home alone, even if she isn't drunk, being a guy you should be resposible to send a girl till the door and know that she is home SAFELY!!! I never go unless I saw the girl go into her house door! This is me!

Girls-- Please, don't drink till unconcious... It is very dangerous out there, eventhough you are with your friends doesn't mean you are safe to do like this k!? You wont know what people will do to you!! Please love yourself!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quiting stuff and changing life

I made my decision, totally quit my smoking, bad habits and lot of stuff, to become someone new....

I dun want to be like the old same me... Want to see miracles happen in Malaysia, but I have to equip myself so that we can make miracles happen here.. did i spell miracles wrongly? LOL

But before equipping myself and ready myself for god... I have to get rid of all of my bad habits and sin first... Pray for me guys..

Last one in my life... Never touch it anymore... finish on 9.45pm 13 june 2009

My used to be energy pack...

update for update only

Gonna change my way in writing my blog... update you guys soon, lack out of time to blog recently..