Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It's been two days, bad things keep on happened around me!

The story started 2 days ago, After another 4 hours class, I pulled my half dead body home and wanted to take a rest, who knows I found out that my house was out of power, no current! Then i thought is was a electric breakdown somewhere or what... Sooner or later, i discover that our house was having a power terminated due to the later payment! WAKAO!! I can't be staying whole night at home like that!? I took money from my landloard for the payment of the bill and packed my stuff then ran to my friend's house for few nights.

Chit chat the whole night with my friend and his mom who come here for a vacation, and that night I found out that my friend's dad and my dad known each other for a long time, and they are guessing who on hack is my dad's son! My dad give clue to my friend that I am studying Music and I drive a sport car.. What on hack is that!? That is totally a very very terrible clue, and that makes my friend almost gone crazy thinking who am I. Well, I am not studying music, I am studying psychology and I don't drive a sport car, I only drive my car like a sport car... Ask me if you don't understand what I mean...

To be add on.. it is 30 march 2009, it had been 2 years together with my ex-gf, Sharon, if we didn't broke up.. I can confirm you have already forgotten about this day...

The second day, which is the last day of March, I took a stupid subang jaya bus to SS15 to pay for the bill. Guess what? The bus broke down on the way to SS15, some where near metropolitan(not sure if i spell in correctly). Then I get my ass to TNB and walk all the way back to my home, take a sleep in my damn hot room and woke up at 6pm then run out to summit, I dated 2 of my friends out for dinner and a girl also... For the purpose of finishing my interview by tonight


we went for movie after the interview and dinner, we watched Race to Witch mountain, I can't get my ass on the chair proparly the whole nite!!

自找的!! 哈哈!!

That is my trip for this few days, will be going to one utama later.. someone seems want to follow.. SWEAT LA!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A day without class

Woke up at 12am today but kind of surprice that it is not so hot today, and oh yeah it is my off day today, don't have any class and I started to rush my 学警X击, I can't recall how the write the 3rd words, and who cares! After watching some episode of it I get my ass to pyramid again, yeah.. Sunway Pyramid have become my 2nd home, almost go there everyday because it will be a torturing if I stay at home and well... SCREW YOU DAREN! Give empty promises only! SHIT YOU! GO FIND GF AND GO FTZ.. THEN STILL DATE ME GO PYRAMID! 凸-且-#

Still as usual, play arcade at pyramid then go have my dinner in Kenny Roger, don't blame me if I spell the name wrong because I didn't take an eye on the name of the shop, only know it read like that :) Today, I saw a crazy guy playing with Time Crisis in Pyramid's arcade for your information Time Crisis is a shoting game. Video clip will be provided on how insane he is(sorry for the clip because I couldn't rotate it). Then we done some crazy stuff in Hardware shop then go home...

Then I miss pressed my phone and it called to my mom when I am chatting with my friends, dunno if I got speak something rude or not ?? This is what I normally do, life in KL... Some people might enjoy it, some might say this is sucks, but for me I kind of prefer this at least still got things to do, such as shopping? Maybe because I am someone who extremly like shopping eventhough I am a guy.


Picture will be upload soon

This guy is a bit siao and too bad, i have to tell you all, he is from THE ONE!!! His left hand is inside his pocket and he is turning the gun! Enjoy the clip and look at this moron!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

After a long long night...

Well, seriously today i am extremly sleepy, after a 5 hour phone talk.. if not mistaken I slept around at 5am when the cock was screaming outside.. Too blur that time and I don't really remember if there was really the COCK there..

I slept till 12 am when my friend call me to meet him up in arcade in summit, then we went for lunch and i rushed to class right after my lunch because I have totally forgotten that my class started at 12.30!!

To be honest, I slept for the whole lecture class and suddenly lecture ask me question about the presentation today, it was so shit and blur when I heard of her question.. :(

Received my mom's sms and she remind me to go to her college for a short talk, it was about the course provided by University of Teeside, Degree in early childhood. I just represent my mom!

Then I go meet up with 2 of my friend, SIAO and SUNAT... Funny name... We spent some hours in arcade and later on have dinner in Tepanyaki, they ate but not me because I am fasting :)

There is panasonic roadshow there in Pyramid and damn lots of hot chicks there and I was so shy to take picture with them~~~ oh yeah~~~ Went home at about 9 then chat with JC and some ppl... Going to watch Drama now... wakaka... Erika~ Audi next time bah.. i want to clear this drama in a week!!

Things to be add on. I started my 10% offering this month, and I really saw god's blessing on me :) I picked up rm100 on the floor that day.. dunno whose.. and well... I look around no one wants it and I put it into my pocket, spend some of them dinner and suppoer :) Start your 10% offering now and you will see miracle!!

Picture of the day

The stuff I ate after my class
I took this picture from the next door toilet when he pee(he is my friend name SUNAT)

Monday, March 23, 2009


你目不转睛的看着的那一个, 把所有时间丢在她身上的那一位, 往往不是爱你的那一位:)

爱一个人可以爱的疯掉, 不错,是真的!
有想过吗? 为了一个无法实现的梦想, 把生命,青春,时间, 金钱都丢下去, 然而却是一场空
为什么不回头看看? 有没有人因为看到你那样而伤心流泪...
如果有, 恭喜你! 或许...那个为你不开心的人正是那一位也不一定.

是时候回一回头, 看一下了...
感到你的担心, 看到你为我不开心而生气...

不懂要写什么了.... 有点尴尬.. @#&#$&#$*$%*%$*

5 hour lecture class!

I woke up at 10am today and I have missed out one of the lecture in the morning. However, there is still a 5 hours non stop lecture class in the afternoon...

Well... I am in the lecture class NOW! Having my interpersonal lecture class now, and it is damn damn damn boring!! Luckily I got my laptop here. After thinking how to kill my times for a period, I decided to hack in my college's wifi for free wifi access. :P

I failed to do that, don't ask me why... I have no idea at all, then i took the hotspot ID from my friend which he don't want me to say who that [A]noymous is.. lol....

Ways to kill times in lecture class:
1) Play psp
2) Listen to iPod
3) Online MSN(If got wifi or hotspot or anything like that)
4) Sleep
5) Talk crap with friends
6) When out for smoking (Not me, most of my coursemate do so)
7) Go summit for arcade and yam cha
8) Watch movie using laptop
9) SMS
10)Play Dota
11)Missing someone!?
12)Day dream
13)Go shit in the washroom all the time
14)Listen to what my dear lecture teach :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

MV Trip~~

Let me share what on earth i do in MV today~ actually Vincent have plan to go find a Japanese guys for hair cut, then I found the place online then finally, today! Me, Vincent and Kenneth go together to have our hair cut, but only me and Vincent cut only.

When we reach there, we go take our lunch in KFC... Hey you two.. haven't give me back my KFC money la.. hahah~ JKJK..

Then we go search for that shop, Named EP, then finally we found it and it is located at the south part of mid valley city. We planned to have our hair cut my the rank 15 director named Eiji, which is the one who owned this few shop in Malaysia and Japan but too bad... he is on leave today.. haiz... NVM, thanks god there is still another Japanese stylist there..Yeah~

Well, he look cute.. and he have a funny name, named Kuma.. Well, we discover this when we got our receipt, it printed Bear there.. haha

Name card and the lil booklet from the shop and my stylist

Haircut PassportBefore Hair Cut

After my hair cut

Side view of my hair cut.. I LOOK FAT!

My SISTER, Vincent.. before hair cut
Vincent, After hair cut..

After our haircut, we go melepak a while then after we BUANG PANAS in 恭和堂!
Kenneth and Vincent

Our Food.. we put damn lots of honey inside..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


LOL.. i started to use the title name of the blog like others... 319.. because sometimes it is so hard to think of a title for some certain blog..

Well, I will be going for hair cut later in EP, by a Japanese, hopefully he can make something nice :)

Gonna share a article here, i got in from some forum..

A letter from a kids in heaven ( I do direct translation from the title I got )























Tuesday, March 17, 2009





我对你的爱跟不用说, 或许连狗屁也不如吧...

不是你的,永远也不可能是你的... 我不相信这句话...

以前的我...现在因该在狂抽烟, 喝酒吧... 但我说过要改, 我就一定会做到....
她...你... 是第一个我觉得我不可能能和她在一起的人...
或许以前...我根本不会想不可能... ...


Monday, March 16, 2009

My mom is here...

Every few months, my lovely mother will come over her and have her course on Early Childhood Education. Well.. she is here again!

Some pros and cons when she is around:

1) She buy me my house stuff like shampoo, face wash stuff and others
2) She bring me to eat nice food :)
3) She spend me for every meal
4) She'll buy me things if she got that mood haha...
5) She will tidy up my room once she come
6) She cook breakfast for me
7) She love me so much :D

1) I cannot sleep late
2) She'll take out all my hidden stuff that cannot be review all on my table
3) She'll mumble me
4) Sometimes kena scold
5) Find out my lifestyle is not that normal

Anyway, Cons are all because she care me then she'll do like this...

My relationship with my mom was really really worst last time.. even thought like i wanna get out of this house... if not mistaken.. i got a thought to kill myself or her last time.. Will write out what happen to my childhood when i got mood

But now, Thanks god for changing my mom, she really really change a lot, without god's blessing, she will not be here now i guess.... I love you mom

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shopping day in One utama and MV

Oh well, I am not having any class today, then I go check out my preety cousin and my lil nephew in One Utama. First reached there, we took our lunch in Sushi Zanmai. The food there is nice comparing with Sushi King, we better go try once more someday!

Later on, went to Ralph Lauren and I had become a modal for my cousin so that he can purchase some nice shirt for her husband, but too bad, she didnt' buy me any lo...

Some picture that I took in Ralph lauren

I like this, it is a limited edition :(

Pinky Pinky
Still, is Ralph Lauren
I like this as well, too bad i don't have any money that time

After buying some shirt from Ralph Lauren, we went to MV and i accompany my nephew in Toy'R'us for few hours.. seriosly, baby sitting is not a nice job! damn sian! Took some photo, to entertaint myself when my nephew wher

SS when accompany my lil cousin

Took our dinner in a Korean restaurant in The Garden, not so sure about the name. I don't really like the food there, expensive plus not that nice. And i forgotten to order the wine.. ishhhh...

This shop's food are around rm 60 per dish.... LOL

Menu of the Korean shop
I took this with my N82, don't expect much la..

My lil nephew was sleeping when we enjoy our meal

Went home around 10.30pm and call it as a day. Yeah.. i endure my shit from midvalley back to USJ2.. it is not easy to hold your shit that is going to burst out anytime!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

8th march...

Well.. today i go accompany my cousins go shopping in Mid Valley after church service.. then.. i got a shirt from zara unconciously :(

I can't imagine why the hack i still dare to buy any shirt since i am already damn broke... this is what call don't think of the outcome before doing things.. yeah.. i admit i am like that kind, so i have been doing damn wrong things all the time at the past..

Later in the night, having dinner in Italiannies, never try eating there before and it is seriously good! Didn't really care the price cause i am not the one paying it.. hahaha!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random picture posting

Well guys.. be ready to see some heart shocking picture.. lol

My Friend in my hometown, we call him Boomer...

Well... this is a very gay act.. i know it..

The rubbish i ate once upon a time
In the club
Yeah.. I know i am rude :)
Guess who is this in white shirt....
MR Isaac
Funny act
My little nephew
Botak look
Idiot Look
This is my friend, lying on the highway
ok well... this is the period when i am very LALA

Ultraman Gabriel On Action!
Gabriel on Pony
Well, those guys who not sure if they see me before.. this is my look when i 1st go GA
Chivas... who want to finish it for me?
SM i guess... i normally play till that crazy with some of my friends
My computer desk

Well... just wanted to share some picture, Hope you guys enjoy it :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An article i found meaningful..


















30岁,正当我们最美丽的时候,也请你不要放开这位曾经的天使!!! 二十多岁的男人不知道珍惜,不知道感恩.





Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A gift for someone

Guys... give some opinion, which is nice?