Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It's been another, going out to red box for singing and doing crazy stuff.

Arthur brought us to a shop around pudu to enjoy some extremely nice sup kambing! You can't imagine how nice is it, but don't eat too much of it because I can confirm you a dead after eating a lot of it... I have some serious headache after having a bow of it!!

We went to greenbox for some singing session today as well, took us around 6 hours in there for just 40 bucks! cheap like crap man!!

Anyway, today I finally found out something, nasty people's are all around Malaysia. When there is an accident occurs, MALAYSIAN will just slow down their darn vehicles and have a nice scene on what the hack is going on there! And this make the freaking highway jam like crap, they just slow down their car like there is no body's business!!! Malaysia culture huh? Taking down car plate number for 4D? If it will be so easy, I might as well be a reporter, I can have a list of car crash number plate if you want something bloody, I can as well get some bloody car accident with lots of dead bodies and I'll buy all of them, and I'll become damn rich am I? Is this possible? Use your brain and think about it... dumb...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pulau Ketam

Today, 911... hoho.. it has been 8 years since WTC being boomed... Anyway, I had been to a trip with my college mates to Pulau Ketam aka Crap/Crab Island...

These trip was organised due to our photography class. I happily charged my camera, and bring my camera to take a lot of nice photo during this trip. It was fun though, having sun burn all over my body, and blowing some fresh air and looking at some dirty sea, drinking beer early in the morning.. haha! That really chill me alot, and the most happiest things during this trip is, I took a lot of very nice photo. Photo are easy to be taken, but to take a nice photo, it mostly depends on your luck to have a nice catch. So Taking a nice photo isn't as easy as you think it will be :)

Have a great lunch as well, eating crabs, lala, something so call URINE PRAWN :p it cost me a lot, but it was really nice, and as well, I knew even more of my college's mate ~~

But the worst part was here... I discover my dslr aren't able to read the picture I have took, in fact, this occurs sometimes. When I reached home, Oh YEAH!!!

I TRIED IT OUT FOR FEW TIMES... BUT... I CAN'T RETRIEVE MY PICTURE!! ALL PICTURE THAT I HAD BEEN SPENDING MY TIME WITH THE WHOLE DAY HAVE ALL GONE!!! Crank that!!! I lost all of my picture, and I have no idea it is the fault of the memory card or my camera!!! Anyway.. I am going to sell my baby out.. and let me tell you.. I WONT GONNA MISS YOU SOB... OR SOF... BECAUSE YOU MAKE ME LOST ALL OF MY PRECIOUS ASSIGNMENT!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2 sep 2009

Kind of addicted to cooking for myself recently, can save some money and it is a bit healthy also comparing eating out there.. anyone want me to cook for you? who interested plz call me.. lol

sorry guys.. lack of things to post recently