Monday, April 27, 2009

This is really call broke

I have seriously used up a lot of money this month, and I have totally broke now..haha! Can you barely imagine how is it when you only left RM1 in your wallet and there isn't any money left in your atm?

This is my case now.. how am I gonna survife.. I got back some money from my friends but I bought a Adobe CS4 master collection yesterday.. and everything is gone... Mom.. plz.. quickly transfer me some money before I eat my own flesh...

Some activities and things I buy in this month that Kill all my cash:
1) 2 times of Carles Junior
2) 4 times of Movie
3) Countless times of arcade games
4) Adobe CS4 master collection
5) Countless PC games
7) Hair cut
8) Steamboat
9) Yam cha a lot
10) 3-4 times starbucks
11) A lot of foods
12) Snooker and pools a lot...

That is it.. 1.4k is done in not more then a month.. CRAP!!!!

College on fire?

Just after my 1st exam today, my Sociology paper... I wanted to take lift down the the ground floor from 7th floor... but I then found out that the lift is not functioning and there is a sign like fire on the lift...

Then I go to the emergency exit and walk all my way to ground floor, and this is the 1st time feeling there is a great air flow in the stair way.. and the fire alarm is ringing all the way!! Cool man! Is my college on fire? No idea.. since I don't see anyone shouting and running.. I just take my sweet time walking around in college to find a place to online...

I smsed Joseph and Jess, my mom and some to told them my college might be on fire.. haha! They was seriously shocked however I'm still online inside my campus...

But still I didn't saw any fire fighters here or any fire... Let me guess, it might be my lecture or someone is on "fire" then when they releasing their "heat" they trigure the fire alarm?? lol

Anway.. Exam still killing me... No more coffee... gosh.. gonna drink water to release stress? I think I have to pray more and read more bible :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Taxi Malaysia

I have been told my lots of people not to use too many or any rude words in my Blog, ok.. I'll control.. Mom.. if you read this, you will know why there is a need for a car for me in KL.. I am seriously piss off already.. :(

I took a cab from my house to joseph's house, which is from usj 2 to mentari court. Then at the beggining, the taxi driver offer me rm 10 and for sure I wont wanna take that because it is very expensive, then I told him that I can only afford it for rm 5... The taxi driver is a Indian guy and he waited there for sometimes while I am waiting for bus.

After waiting for about 20 minutes, he ask me to get on his cab and whatever... He drive so freaking fast and i can feel that his temper is so unstable, so I quickly called Joseph and wanted him wait me down there, to take down the taxi's car plate number.

Sooner when I reached Mentari Court, I gave the Indian fellow rm 50 because I don't have small change, then he was like so piss off, not stop scolding there said why I don't want to give more, they work like cow and only get a little, and he said we go find chicks and lots and he only work and work but get little, then he even curse me that I will regret later .. because it is 4am now... Well.. Try curse me :) I never scare of it... I did nothing wrong...

The worst part, he told me that give him more and I'll get more.. WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT!?

Well... This is only a small case in Malaysia, I have heard a lot of people complaining Cab service in Malaysia and for your information, Malaysia's Cab Service is the worst in the world. Cab drivers simply give price, and they don't go according to the meter, they even curse and scold a lot. I heard one of them scold our PM also and he keep his mouth shut when he found out that I am going to meet PM's wife... LOL

There is even a case, tourist are thrown at the road side by this type of Cab drivers... Do you guys know that this is a shame to our country and people!? How do you expect our contry will be more and more advance having such type of people in here? It is just like crocrach... or even mouse... somehow... mouse are better, at least Ratatouille do cook... LOL

This is the picture of the cab that the driver cursed me....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

2am again...

Just added some ads on my blog.. hope to get some extra money but dunno if it is usefull... it better dun show up some unrated ads there.. if not i'll go bomb google.. sorry google.. lol

I can't manage to sleep even I am darn tired, stress is totally covering me up... Last time I used to drink some alcohol and smoke to cool myself down, but now I can't doing that because I told myself not to do this anymore. Well... I really so stress now, Final is just few days from now and I will still have time to go worry someone...

Guys.. teach me.. how to suspress my stress level? I am getting crazy... When I gone crazy, I'll start disturbing ppl... Calling, SMS-ing, and even spaming... Like this few days, I started to Spam my blog!!!! SAVE ME!!! AH!!!! CAFFEINE Cannot help me at all!!!

WALOEHHHHHH Exam lar! And my stupid passing marks is at 70%!!!! And if i failed it, I can't be continuing my study because my mom give me final warning already, if I failed any of it I will have to start to work, how can that be!? And if i don't tell my mom about my failing in my subject, I might have to sell my ass to gain Rm1200 for a single subject... gosh... SEGI College.. you are killing me silently... I AM DYING OK!? WHY DON'T YOU JUST SHOOT AND BLOW MY HEAD OFF!!!!




Starbucks I love you

Starbucks... I love you... Everytime when I feel stress and moody or tired of the world out there, I'll just jump onto you, hugging you, giving you a kiss... I know you are always there for me, and i know you will make me feel well. Starbucks, why are you so sweet? Why can you make me smile?

Oh Starbucks... you are my sweet heart, you are my sunshine, you are my everything... Wanted to kiss you wet now, wanted to lick you, and wanted to bite you hard... You are making me get high, you are boiling up my blood... Making my high.... I can't control myself already...I am taking off........................

LOL... Chop it off guys... That sound like some horny novel.. I know..

This is the 2nd day in starbucks, waiting for Daniel them for dinner and I have had full fast for 2 days, want to see things change!!!

That girl find me again, she said CS ask her go out or what.. haha.. then she ask me join together... I directly rejected her.. sorry!! I am not so easy to approach one.. ok!? Ask me go your house dinner.. haha.. sorry.. no way... go eat yourself.. LOL

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weird feeling...

Just now when I am watching movie in the cinema, a weird still suddenly flow out... Started to worry someone... wondering how is the person... then sms that person... but didn't reply... the worrying feel started to get stronger till i cannot really concentrate on my movie. But finally that person replied, thanks god that person is ok :)

WEIRD.... Why i'll worried huh...


I have no idea since when I have been loving starbucks so much... Enjoying the atmosphere here, listening to music and drinking my favourite drink mocha or hot chocolate really make me get out from a lot of stress... But I seriously don't have that much money to come over here everyday, but the least is at least once per month...

Sometimes it is much more better studying here compare studying at home... Today... I choosed to come to starbucks in summit just to wait the movie I gonna watch alone at 9.35pm. Who knows there are some malay TV show having their recording here and they are singing some malay songs... lol.. can you shut up?

Have few more assignment to rush and the final is around the corner, I was in deep depress and stress now... gonna find way out before i go wild...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


List 10 things that you want for your birthday, doesn't matter whether the things that you want is possible or impossible to get.

1. Mazda Rx-8
2. A cake( no one got me a cake before....)
3. Gucci wallet
4. Blessing from someone
5. Prayed to be answered... I know i am bad.. haha.. sorry god :(
7. A new phone, maybe Iphone or HTC HD?
8. A huge party, i never had it before... never ever
9. Credit card from my parents
10. A DSLR

Day of your birthday?
- 19 june everyear...

Now, tagged those you wanted to
- Jessica
- Kenneth
- Anthony
- Joseph
- Rachel
- Jessey
- Eric
- Pennie
- Penny
- Sharon
- Erika

Monday, April 20, 2009

A deal with my sister

Crystal! Nice one.. :)

Just made a deal with my 14 years old sister, that about our blog... No one review it to my mom and dad, if not both of use will be dead... My sister complain a lot in her blog and i write a lot of unreview stuff in my blog.. lol

This deal comes into my mind when my mom told me not to put too many ABCXO@#$^#@$&#$%& in my blog, and i was wondering how she manage to know that there are a lot of SPECIAL EFFECT in my blog, then the 1st thought come into my mind is my lil LOVELY CUTE AND GOOD SISTER...

Crystal.. better dun let me know you let mom to read my blog.. if not... hehehehehhehe.. you will know what I am capable of... :X

Friday, April 17, 2009

Felly's Birthday!!

Happy birthday to Birthday girl Felly :P
Before meeting her up, we went to Papa Rich to have a drink with Vincent and some of her "girlfriend" well.. Vincent, my image in Mahsa College have totally screw up. Thanks a lot.. LOL

Anyway.. we was a bit unhappy with Felly's bf, he said that he wont be going for dinner tonight because he 'said' he will go accompany some DATO... Well... What is your position in your company man? And.. Accompany DATO TO SHOPPING IN SUBANG PARADE!!?? Stop talking cock lar! Well.. I can tell you I talk with First Lady Yesterday... do you believe? I guess you will not nutshell... because your IQ and EQ is not there yet.. sorry to say that ... :(

Potrait I draw in Papa Rich

Vincent acting as Takeshi Kaneshiro

Dinner at Yuan steamboat, Iris, Keong and Vincent

Felly's boob and Iris

My friends and messy table...

I almost cooked my hand, it is still in pain now.. haiz...

Food in tea :)

Messy table and a stupid middle finger...

Birthday Girl, Felly

Her fishballs, Keong said: 以形补形。。。

My own made drink, with some chili sause and a raw egg

I didn't drink it at all ok?

Special drinks, who dare finish it.. I'll spend you lunch :)

Come, guess what had i put in it?

Nice timing guys :)

Felly and Iris

A pretty girl and we go ninja on her... lol...mean stalk her...

And Mr SIAO!!! I know it is nice and damn happy when we are dominating the chicken wing there, we took more then half of the chicken wing there, and everyone in the restaurant were amazed and mad on what we did.. lol... back to topic.. MR SIAO! MY ARMANI SHIRT AH!!! HOW DARE YOU STICK THE WHOLE PLATE OF CHICKEN WING ON ME!? AND THERE ARE SO MANY CHICKEN WING CHOP ON ME!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Morgon's production

<a href=";playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:ffa59d53-e641-4129-b7b8-157f402bec70&amp;showPlaylist=true" target="_new" title="Untitled 0003">Video: Untitled 0003</a>

International ECEC Conference (Final)

For your guys' information, I have been to a International ECEC Conference, and the main theme of the conference is about Developing Human Capital Begins With Children.

The Patron of this conference is Y.A.Bhg. Datin Paduka Seri rosmah Mansor, Wife of The Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Actually my mom was joining it, and she wanted to find someone to accompany her then I just applied and tried my luck see if I will be choosen for it, since everything is free then why not having a try? Thanks god, I received a called someday before and they told me I had got my invitation to the conference, however from my mom there I heard that many Profesionals in the field of early childcare have beed rejected ( They received e-mail from them, saying that their application had been rejected) Give to glory to the god!!

The conference started with a Opening dinner, and it have some performance but I didn't really go check it out because was busying eating since the food prepared is Internatinal standard. :)
The conference was officialy opened by Y.A.B Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib bin Tun Abdul Razar, Prime Minister of Malaysia.

There was a lot of International Guest such as First lady of Palastin, First lady of Laos and First lady of a country that I have no idea how to spell the name.. something like OHSAMBIA... There are also some Minister of education from few countries that I can't really remember, then there are also participents from Countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Namibia, Maldives, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, USA, Nepal, Fiji Islands, Nigeria, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Tanzanie, Oman, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, London and many else.

I am the youngest one in that conference, and people there are all Pankated and really someone in the country... SWT...

Conference Hall

Stuff I got from the Conference, And a certificate of attendece.

1st day.. can't get used of the wearing style

This is seriously nice... wakaka...

Before the dinner starts

2nd day, the even started with a Keynote Address by Y.A Bhg. Datin Pduka Seri Rosmah Mansor. Then I joined a some concrurrent session that really surprised me... Speakers are Lorna Long, Consultant from Pearth, Australia and Dato' Dr. Chiam Heng Keng, Commisioner, Human Rights Commision of Malaysia. Seriously learned something from it because it really do help me in my course too.

Me with some contries' Flag

Me and my mom

The cocurrent section then ended around 5pm on 15 April 2009, then we have a trip to the National Art Galary. We toke off with 13 bus and police officers are blocking the road all the way to let us arrived the destination in time. It was so exciting when you are in the bus when everyone was turning their eyes so big looking at you!! wakakaka!!

You guys must be wondering why there are pictures of drawing in there, these are some pictures and drawing from the National Art galary, Malaysia's product, so guys, be proud with it!

New police Bike, the pick up is really fast!

My friend said that it look like Baja Hitam's bike

This is a poster from a guy, a Malaysia that got his name on Guinness World Records

Here he is, he draw a Km of picture I guess...

Inside the Art Galary

Totally no idea what is this man...

We went into a place that talk about Batik, and to my surprice the one who created Batik is a Chinese, 100% Chinese!!

Tools to make Batik gua..

He is the man, Father of Batik

One of his picture that I like

The following pictures are from a galary that "derma" money to Palastin.
This is spooky...

He looks like some one...

Weird drawing huh..

The words carved on there is... 17 Bintang + 1 Bintang = Binatang

Tears from the hand?

Title of the picture: DAD, CAN I FOLLOW YOU?



Then we went to a galary with some photo shooting :)
A picture from SALON... Same name as my father's shop!

One of the prince.. Have no idea what is his name.

Is this a picture? No, it is a drawing!

After we done our trip in the Art Galary, We waited for the show in Instana Budaya at the beggining I still complained a lot that why there were no any sit for us! Take a look at the picture and you will know how insane it is, all of the international participents sitting all on the stairs.

Finally, we went into the theater and took a sit and was waited so long so long for the show to starts!

Nice Design wei~~

Our MC, DATO dunno what.. Sorry :(

Then the show started, and it really shocked most of us, because a performance by kids aged 7-15 can performed that good and it have already reached international standard, it was extremly good till I can't express it out. Will show you guys about it asap when I got my DVD copy.

This boy is the winner of world performing arts 2008 in London? (I am not so sure about it)

Ending of the performance. Group singing

4 First lady were invited up to the stage to dance together...

I really paid my respect to our First lady, this performance was really nice and heart shocking, even those international participents were so high on it! I believed this performance can really push our Tourism of Malaysia a lot!

Our PMs of Malaysia, Such a quick printing...(Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib just became our PM few days ago)

Infront of Istana Budaya

I saw this monster infront of Hotel Shangri-La~~

MOM~ can i have one!!??

Day 3
I loved toilet.. I know it..

The day started with the Keynote Address by Dr. Roger Moltzen, Director of Special Education Programme from University of Waikato, New Zealand then we had our Panel Discussion. I like a phrace that the panelist from India, Swati Poppat. She said that giving tuition is actually prostituting your knowledge! cool~!!! HAHA!!

Then I have my concurrent session with Anna Reeves, Manager Ace North Centre, OLDham, UK and Dr. Wayne Hammond, President and Executive Director with Resiliency Initiatives, Calgary, Canada.

Dr. Wayne had never open his book during his 12 years however he is a Dr now.. swt.. haha...

The Ceremony was closed by our Deputy Prime Minister and I manage to take a picture with our First Lady.. wakaka! Can't post it up here because it might have some risk doing so.

I really do learned a lot and really impressed with this Conference, skipping a class or two to attend it really do worth it! To be honest, this conference will really make people around the contry start to look into early childhood education since sometimes people never really think it is important but for you information, the first few years of a child will decide how he become in the future.

Dr. Roger Moltzen

My mom with Dr. Roger
Me, mom, Dr. Roger Moltzen

One of the Dr from South Africa

The BMW M5 I found out infront of Dynasty Hotel