Tuesday, August 18, 2009

19 August 2009

I have been isolating myself for 3 days, and there is 2 more days to go... The boring is going to bring me wild! Guys! I want party!! Bring me out fast...

2 more days to go...
Hope that i'll be fine soon.. wahahahaha

Sunday, August 16, 2009


To update you guys, I have been admitted to the hospital just now, with Arthur, Joseph and Kenneth. Kenneth and I were sick however that 2 aren't. After almost 4 hours of waiting, finally it is my turn... And guess what??


Gonna stay at home for a week and hope that nothing big happened to me.. Please pray for me guys... the side effect of the medicine will be horrible... hope that i can overcome it.

Anyway, who wanna have a holiday can come and look for me, I'll give you a free kiss.. I am having a deadly weapon on me now! wakakaka


I am in Kenneth's house now, going to hospital for check up later..

I am having fever, headache, flue, muscle pain, cough and others.... These are the symptoms of h1n1, please pray that I am ok.. I don't wanna die so fast man...

Monday, August 10, 2009


it is 4.30am now... and i can't even manage to sleep... I'll try not to use any foul language in this post.. I'll try....

I am still in the shocked, haven't recover yet... Being to a place, seeing things... that is enough to make me go numb for weeks i guess...

Memories are still fresh, Remembering how is the reaction... how is my heart beating, how is my hand shaking, how the tears drop and how i scream like crazy on the highway... I'm out of control again...

I can't manage to smile at all... My face's muscle are like so tense, and finding out myself are like a jerk. Going there showing people a funny show... oh yeah.. I am here, laugh at my foolishness baby! Son of the FISH!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hari Keluar

Hari ini keluar dengan Nixon dan Joseph lagi, aiyo... Banyak bosan lah, setiap hari di rumah tak tahu mahu buat apa, jadi kami terpaksa pergi menonton wayang. Pergi IOI menonton G.I.Joe.

Hari ini baru kemas bilik saya, banyak kotor bilik saya dan kemaskan bilik ku buat ku amuk... dan ho.. dan ho.... PKM!!!!!

Fish that Fishy Farting Malay.... Trying to use malay to write for my blog, and eventually found out that my bm is getting darn worst... Crap! Have to improve my BM, if not will become like Jessica(dunno bm at all)... LOL... Forgive me jess... haha!

Anyway... I'm broke again~~ wakakaka! oh yeah, I did enjoyed my cell group last night, Thanks Danny Boy for giving me your PHYSICAL time so that I/We can spend our sweet sweet time with you... TRAINING...

From last night, I somehow found out that I am very materialistic, I used and I loved to buy branded stuff... I can't accept that I aren't wearing branded stuff.. This is how satan control us.. because when we are going for branded, we need more money, so we will find our way to earn much more money... Share to you guys later on... Nixon will be here within 10 minutes.. ciao!

Take care! HUGZ

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Weekend always pass so fast, it never got a chance for me to press on my brake pedal. The time is pushing me to my limit, pushing my leg to hold the accelerator to the maximum.

Asking you guys a question... is it once a playboy, forever playboy??

Give me back my WEEKEND!!!