Friday, May 22, 2009

Ah Lai

Ah lai is a friend of mine since I was young, young means just borned.. yeah.. It has been 21 years beeing friend with this bustard, dunno should be happy or sad with that, right!? AH LAI!

Seriously speaking, he is really a funny guy when you mix with him but he can be furious and crazy if you triggle his alarm too :) So just beware when be with him.. haha! He is also the one to influence me to become one of the craziest driver in my hometown... You can't imagine how we drive unless you sit in our car.. who wanna try then just find a chance lend me your car... And I'll let your soul get out of your body and go out of the car for sometimes then come back into your bloody scared body.. LOL

This friend of mind followed me back to kl for looking at his college, he seems to be studying in TOC. But actually, he haven't gone to his college yet and he will be leaving in few hours time, mean I have to rush to bring him to his college before he went back!

Normally bringing friends to here is an easy job, because just to bring them shopping and walk around, but Ah Lai is a very unique guy, he do not like shopping, he just wanted to see modals, chicks, arcade, and toys... haha... Well, not easy to bring him to the place he like and he was keep on complaining it is damn damn damn damn bored here.. :P

Ah lai.. you really really used up all my money! You even make me totally lost my voice! DING AH!! Well.. i just found out the there are middle fingers all around the picture.. you few bustard...

This fat guys is ah siao... well, he is really siao :X

Ah lai dare me to wear like this.. who knows he didn't do any special dressing.. ding

Yum chat at pyramid, here comes the middle finger

Ah lai

His toys!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Days in Sandakan 2

It really took me days for updating blog :(
An early morning, I went around my hometown to took some picture to share.. haha! lazy type so much, so just view picture ya

My car

My house

One of the market in my hometown

This is some view infront of my old house :)

then i move to the main market in my hometown, can see sea from there.. haha

Damn lazy to write.. sorry guys.. then 2nd day.. we went to Sukau with my family.. haha!

My nephew crying

My brother

I took this with 70-200, f:2.8
My sister

Sleeping monkey

That night when i reached home, I directly date few of my friends go play car around.. pictures again.. I seriously damn lazy to type

Ah lai and Sunat's car, ALL HID lamp
My cars...


I saw this on my way back :( damn sad seeing it