Monday, May 2, 2011


少了你的甜言蜜语, 少了你的声音,每天傻傻的看着msn 和 skype , 看着那很久已经不会变青色的头像,日子真的很难过。。。

每天走在街上,看到其他情侣就自己在哪里不开心,生气自己。。。 少了你的日子就像少了阳光的植物,等死。。。 好想你啊。。。 真的再也开心不来了。。。 笑得也很勉强,表现得开心也都是假的。。。

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Tears dropping down uncontrollable, dunno since when, my smile became fake and it's not from my heart anymore... can't smile, can't be able to be happy...

Monday, April 4, 2011

the end

blog closed... nothing to say about it anymore... What pass is pass, but when it is insist of taking out and talk about it... it wont have any meaning after all...

My blog will be closed for the moment until there is someone important to me that wanted me to re-write sweet things or what... because there isn't any point posting up how down fall is your life and sharing it to others. It's not how things works... when you look at your down fall, it will always be downfall. Ciao guys. Thanks for supporting if still there are people reading.

Monday, January 24, 2011


This is a place that i was born and grown, but yet this is also the place i wouldn't want to step my feet back anymore. It's just full of my memories with her... every single moment we spend, every place we go is just haunting me bit by bit. Airport, the skylight, the stars, my old house, the beach, some place we use to go, is just bringing back all of my memories which i have tend to hide it and forget it.

I know it the best when is over, it is over, she is having her good life now... why should i interrupt? She told me that, if faith want us to meet each other... it will... every time I'm back here... I'll just wonder around, hoping a little second to see her, seems that faith is really joking with me....