Sunday, October 31, 2010


it's been a while since i posted up any post reason for not having anything to write... and updating all of you, i'm in a very bad condition, i tore my right ankle's muscle or something like that.

have to be using tongkat for few months... wish me good luck... not really in the mood due to some reason, just ask me about it...

Friday, June 25, 2010


Bloody hell! I am totally stressed out! 25 pages of assignment due on monday, mid-term on monday, It assignment due soon, loads and loads of presentation and test coming soon! Where on earth i have the time to take a rest? TOTALLY STRESSED OUT!!!!! I need to chill out ah!!!!

seriously, i am getting more and more tired... i don't even have energy for my usual activities for example shopping , hanging around with friends, now just college, assignment, study and etc.. darn it!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New life, New start

I have actually started my college in a week ago, a brand new college, Tar College. Somehow, I love this college, due to some specific reason... ask me if you want to know more about it.

Well, I am no longer in Segi College anymore, and now I will be taking 2 hour public transport to go up to college for my one hour lecture.. kind of crazy ha? But I am seriously enjoying the process after almost a year not going back to college, rotting at home...

Wish me good luck guys, gonna go look for pretty girls soon.. muahahhahahahaha... I tell you guys, GIRLS IN TARC ARE SUPERB!!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


When you started to wonder, why does people take drugs to bring out the euphoria even they know drugs will eventually kill them. Now i understand why, when there is something you cannot archive or something is just like a dream, you will eventually desperate till injecting some, just to fulfill the dream, which will never happened in reality.

Just don't want to accept the fact that she is not available anymore, things just happened like a dream just a sweet dream and it will just ended once you wake up, it will never last long... sometimes you can't even remember it...

Thanks for accompany this whole month, i really appreciate it. But the raw fact is, you have already had a boyfriend that love you, even though i don't mind intruding to your live, to love you once again... do you know that? But hurting you and intruding to your relationship really not easy for me, but blessing you on this relationship, i can't do that.. i can't manage to do that...

Now then i realize that, the love I kept deep in my heart will just came out when spending too much time with you... last time i ended up no where because started a relationship with my ex. but now you are already no longer single, why the timing is so wrong... i wonder...

Monday, March 29, 2010

going through my blog

I have finally got a chance going through all the post i posted in my blog due to some reason, somehow i found out that after that case, i had never posted much stuff in my blog... it's like i doesn't wanted to share anymore.

There are a lot of stuff in my heart, just i doesn't know that how to share it. Somehow i just wanted to keep it in my heart, no matter it is hurt, happy or what ever crap. I just not willing to post up anymore. Wondering if anyone still reading my blog, somehow i fell that it is boring viewing the post i posted up and it is getting more and more emo..

when on earth i have became a emo kid.. i never know this, should i be happy always?

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hey gab..
rachel chin here..
there ur new blog..
if dun like tell me..

Friday, February 5, 2010


在一个小乡村里, 有一个男孩因为对这一个女生的爱慕, 而慢慢的接近了一个女孩, 每天他都会找女孩问问他喜欢那女生的事, 可是一直都是不好的消息, 而且每一次都让男孩伤透了心, 男孩没有发觉当他失落事, 女孩都一直的陪伴在他身边.


快乐的时光不会很久,男孩要去到一个很远的地方去读书了,女孩没能跟去,只好留在故乡期待男孩每次的回来. 男孩是不可能会忘记女孩是怎么安慰他当他去到那遥远的地方... 男孩终于明白自己是不能没有了女孩, 他答应了女孩, 2010 年 10 月 10 日 会娶她, 那时对女孩来说一个很特别的一日.


2008年年尾,事情发生了... 男孩遇见了另一个她, 他自私的把女孩放在脑后了, 然后男孩也做了一个决定, 决定对女孩放手为了去认识一个对他不闻不问的人... 男孩把他对女孩的承诺,未来,把女孩对他的付出,女孩对他的爱完全的抛弃... 男孩当时觉得没有怎样,女孩默然的接受了... 男孩也继续的去追他的梦...

半年了,女孩重新的到了幸福,可能也把男孩忘了吧? 可是男孩却被那个他彻底的伤了,以为有一些希望可是却成为一场空...

分手已经一年了...你还好吗? 祝你幸福...