Saturday, January 17, 2009

Am I a playboy??

People will look at me, 1st impression normally is ... Gabriel ah.. see his face you know he is a play type lar... what the hack is this...

Super moody now... what should i do? I told myself before, never become sad because of girl anymore, but i can't do it. Especially to the one i like...

Maybe you guys wont believe, i only dated once.. surprise right? hahaha, everyone will be surprised because of this i guess, but is true.. I have been hurt by many girls before... hurt by those girls or even i can call them slut that never i have any relationship with them... i put my heart to them and ended up being played..

After my last relationship, i told myself i'll not date for a period of time but till the day i saw her. At 1st i really not so got feel on her de.. but days after days.. i realize the feeling cannot be stop.. It will make me getting miss her and wanna know more about her...

I said i'll surrender this feeling to god and ask god to lead me my path.. show me the way he want me to go... i thought... i only thought.. she will be the one.. and the last one..

Who knows? I even didn't said anything to her about my feel yet and i already can guess the ending now.. it is never a good ending!!! NEVER!!!

I'm really so naive right? I am not mature enough.. i look like play boy... everything of this make me to fail her requirement in her heart!

Seriously.. i hate myself for the 1st time so much.. seriously hate why i am someone like this... i really dunno what to do now.. tears just drop down.. nothing i can do........ nothing........

I'll never have someone by myside... right?

Back to sdk

First day i back to my hometown, Sandakan.. guys, will upload some picture soon k?

This time coming back to my hometown got different feeling.. 1st feeling sure is happy, another is a bit moody...

Happy because miss my family and some friends here lar.. moody because miss a lot of people in kl... terutama... hahahaha~~~

moody day.. haiz... miss GA lots lots lar...

Gonna sleep now, it is raining heavily out there, home can see her in my dream.. miss miss miss... hermmmmmmm

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A trip to kl AGAIN!!!

How to say a trip to kl again?
Because i went to kl for at least 7 times already in this month.. totally sian already, see those things in sungai wang.. this and that.

Today's trip is just to choose a jeans for one of my friend, ah hou, i helped him to choose a levis jeans and he also bought it.. and that is not really a point for this trip lar.. stupid...

Actually main point is , i saw a dead body today.. a guy was burned to death today.. can see any serious burning on face, but i can confirm he is dead. Firefighter carry him down from a stairs.. then just throw him on the street..

Wanna took some photo of him actually, but one of my friend say is not respect to him so i cut of my idea.. lol

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hairstyle changed+moody day...

Just because of wanna relax in a hair saloon.. i seduce my friend go to "do" his hair with me.. hoho~ he straighten his front hair.. and i paid the stupid rm 180 just for relax.. to perm my hair, this time i done 2 type of perm on my hair, the twist perm and the curve perm..hoho

Never tried double up on my hair before.. I have a habit to perm my hair cause i like to have a different outlook once in a blue moon, so that can catch some attention from "some people" lar~~

Actually today's mood is a bit down lar.. cause found out i seems on crash with a girl... i don't wanna mention who is that girl first, so that it will be a lil secret in my heart, let me keep some secret 1st k?

You guys sooner or later sure will know de..

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back from Blogging

Back from blogging.. last time i stopped due to my laziness, plus no one is reading it.. then.. blog is like nothing, haha~ i like the feel when everyone read my stuff and leave comment in it. So guys.. don't just read k? Leave me some comment, and those who left comment maybe i'll spend you guys tea when i am in a very good mood.. haha.